Our mission can be measured one case of food and one donor at a time.

1) With every Food pantry that signs up and has their wish list fulfilled they will have successfully put supplies on their shelves and food in hungry bellies.
2) Using our platform and becoming a Hunger Ninja will save the average donor 1-3 hours in shopping and transportation time.
3) Our platform moves food drives and donations to a modern and futuristic way that will save food pantries countless hours in sorting and the donor gas and time to be used towards other things in their busy lives.

We have the ability to impact the Hunger of over 65 million families in the country and the ability to impact the providing food to of over 40 thousand food pantries, one classroom at a time. We are committed to social impact over financial gain. Our entire business model is designed so that we are low profit with excess profits going back into community projects. Our goal is to be self-sustaining so that we do not have to charge any fees to our users allowing even more benefit to flow directly to the user.

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