The team at Heal Hunger has developed an online and convenient solution for food pantries and food banks to fill needs, raise funds and develop relationships with little to no associated costs. This will result in less hunger, more donations, easy community support and fulfilled food pantry/bank need lists.

  • HealHunger.org is designed for Food Pantries to register online for monthly needed food and personal hygiene items.
  • Active food pantries can shop our list of over 500 items and move them to an active wish/need list. This list can be updated daily
  • All lists are carefully selected so that pantries can control what comes in and out of their doors. This will insure not only the delivery of healthy and quality foods but less foods being delivered and dropped off that are out dated, too much of one item or simply items not needed to reserve shelf space for more needed items.
  • All items will be sold in case quantities only. This makes it most economical for the panty, purchaser and procurement food supplier
  • Each time a new item is added to the any and all current donors will get a email and text notification that there is a current need
  • Donors can sign up to have one or more cases of food automatically shipped each month.
  • By supplying items by the case food pantries can run a better developed program and can be better prepared with inventory and long term solution needs.
  • Through the combined effort of radio, media, sponsorships and the active pantries we will combine our efforts to retain, grow, educate and gather new donors to help heal hunger in the United States. The Hunger Ninja community will visit HealHunger.org to fulfill and purchase the supplies needed by pantries in their area.. Supplies then will be pulled, palliated, and wrapped for pick up or delivery once a month for each charity.
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